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Important Disclosures

This website is intended for discussion purposes only.  Any information relating to performance in these materials is illustrative, and no assurance is given that any indicative returns, performance, or results will be achieved, whether historical or hypothetical.  This website does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy interests in any fund managed by Ultra Blue Capital, LLC (“UBC”). None of the information provided should be considered impartial investment advice or advice given in a fiduciary capacity.  The information contained in this website is qualified in its entirety by reference to disclosures made in the confidential private placement memorandum and related attachments and exhibits for the funds.  These documents should be requested and carefully reviewed prior to making an investment decision.


Neither the information nor any opinion expressed on this website constitutes an offer by UBC to buy or sell any securities or financial instruments, or to provide any investment advice or service. The services, securities and financial instruments described on this website may not be available to or suitable for you, and not all strategies are appropriate at all times. The value and income of any of the securities or financial instruments mentioned on this website can fall as well as rise, and an investor may get back less than he or she invested. Foreign-currency denominated securities and financial instruments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates that could have a positive, or adverse, effect on the value, price or income of such securities and financial instruments. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Independent advice should be sought in all cases.


Except where otherwise indicated herein, the information provided herein is based on matters as they exist as of the date of preparation and not as of any future date and will not be updated or otherwise revised to reflect information that subsequently becomes available or circumstances existing or changes occurring after the date hereof. Further, many factors may affect actual performance, including changes in market conditions and interest rates and changes in response to other economic, political, social health or financial developments.


Past performance is not indicative of future results.  There is no guarantee that the investment objective of the fund will be achieved. Information and data included on this website are subject to change based on the market and other conditions.  Unless otherwise indicated, the information presented on this website is current as of the date of the website.


An investment in a private investment fund is speculative and involves a high degree of risk.  Opportunities for withdrawals or redemptions are restricted, so investors may not have access to capital when needed.  There is no secondary market for interests in the private investment funds, and none is expected to develop.  An investor should not invest unless prepared to lose all or a substantial portion of its investment.  The fees and expenses charged in connection with this investment may be higher than the fees and expenses of other investment alternatives and may offset profits. 


This website may contain forward-looking projections or statements related to the future performance of a potential portfolio company. These Forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as those found in this non-exhaustive list: “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate," “forecast," “initiative," “objective," “plan," “goal," “project," “outlook," “priorities," “target," “intend," “evaluate," “pursue," “seek," “may," “would," “could," “should," “believe," “potential," “continue,” or the negative of any of those words or similar expressions is intended to identify forward-looking statements.  Due to various risks and uncertainties, actual events or results or the actual performance of a fund and individual trades may differ materially from those reflected or contemplated in such forward-looking statements.  Any such projections are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties beyond the control of UBC or any of its subsidiaries.  Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions be incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those projected.  Investors are cautioned not to place reliance on forward-looking statements.