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A Modern-day Investing Machine
Powered by AI-driven fundamentals predictions

Ultra Blue Capital, LLC (UBC) is wholly owned by Big Data Federation, Inc. Our parent company's home-grown technology engine applies machine-learning algorithms to mass holistic data to predict company, industry, and economic fundamentals together with security price trends. UBC exclusively licenses these signals and proprietary trading algorithms to make investment decisions. These algorithms actively and automatically invest, divest, rebalance, and hedge our assets under management. We believe this systematic trading approach minimizes errors and reduces emotional and irrational influences thereby optimizing and stabilizing returns. Our goal is to unlock alpha to build and protect assets over the long term.

Our Products

Private Fund Strategies

Our private fund strategies are constructed using proprietary market correlated and uncorrelated strategies.

Record U.S. LNG Exports
Modest domestic demand and increased national liquefaction capacity were key export drivers ...
May 16, 2023
Passenger Airlines Will Climb Higher
May 02, 2023
Air Cargo Capacity Ascents
Demand for air cargo held steady in the seasonally slowest month but fell year-over-year due to the economic environmen ...
April 18, 2023