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A Modern-Day Investing Machine
Powered by Strategist Financial AI

Ultra Blue Capital, LLC (UBC) has pioneered a proprietary Strategist Financial AI paradigm in asset management. This state-of-the-art paradigm deploys proprietary fundamentals and economics forecasts together with short/mid-term market pattern forecasting to create a multi-strategy multi-asset fund. Our algorithms work 24/7/365 to learn by processing 1.5T+ data points in 15M+ time-series ingested from 1400+ authoritative sources. While we the humans closely monitor, our fund is autonomously managed by our machines; they actively generate their own sub-strategies and automatically invest, divest, rebalance, and hedge.

Overlay & hedging strategies
Momentum & opportunistic investing
Medium-term investments based on proprietary mid-range fundamentals forecasts
Long-term investments based on proprietary long-range fundamentals forecasts

Short-Term Multi-Asset Alpha trading

Equity Investments